What we offer admin February 6, 2020

What we offer to invest in your Startup

Our investment ranges from €10K to €100K, which can translate into different equity options depending on the valuation of the startup.

  • We do co-invest, happy to work with other investors, but with the same terms.
  • We do invest in startups that have already raised funds previously.

Quick and easy process


Send us a presentation with your proposal, team description and main metrics.


A few questions to discover more about you and your World Domination Plan (i.e., what’s next for your startup). Also,
time to ask us anything!


If the previous one went well, we’d love to see what’s behind the curtains, we love product and tech. If we think it’s
not a fit, we’ll let you know.

We are in! Let’s discuss terms

What we offer
You are not alone.

We can schedule meetings to discuss strategies, roadmaps or other questions. Some startups prefer monthly calls to
review progress, others quarterly reporting calls, up to you. And not to mention that we are available via email, zoom, phone calls… at any moment.

What we offer
Network of professionals and bigger investors.

As we mentioned, we are not professional investors, but we have good relationships with some VCs, if it’s ever needed, we’d walk that path with you.

We are a team of wizards.

Let's do magic together to build something great