Spells Book admin February 6, 2020

1. Team

  • Committed team, working full time in the project (or those to whom the investment will enable to work full-time)
  • Vesting of 3-4 years to protect the team and the company and, ideally, founders with experience creating startups (not a requirement)

2. Projects

  • Any industry (e.g., fintech, industrial, food…) and model (e.g., B2C, B2B / SaaS, marketplace…)
  • Targeting international markets at short-medium term

3. Product

  • A working product (MVP or PoC) with real users and/or customers using it.
  • Revenue or contracts in place are always welcome


  • NOT Projects. Large investments in infrastructures (e.g., buildings, research labs, etc.) or long periods of R&D (i.e., years) before going to market.
  • NOT valuations higher than €3.5M
  • NOT founders. That just look for funds and make a quick exit. That are happy with small % of equity.